Wife of Gaines candidate says he has high moral character

Posted 10 September 2018 at 9:35 am


My name is Michelle Gangi. Many of you may know me as Michelle Paddock. My husband Joe is running for the Republican nomination to fill the empty Town Board seat in the Town of Gaines. I first moved to Gaines when my parents bought a home here over 30 years ago. My husband Joe and I bought our home here in 2010.

Joe has worked for the Rochester Police Department for 30 years, and I have worked as a Physical Therapist Assistant in Avon and Livonia for over 11 years. Both of my children graduated from Albion and it was our plan to move closer to my work after they finished high school. But a funny thing happened. Joe moved out here from the “big city” of Rochester – and he loves it here! He loves our home, our neighbors and our town! He has made lasting friendships, founded an amateur radio club, and made serving our community a high priority.

You have read letters that tell you about his work background and his professional credentials. Well, let me tell you about my husband, Joe Gangi. Joe is a man of honor and integrity. I have witnessed first hand the admiration and respect of over 700 sworn officers and civilian staff at RPD.

Joe is a man who has compassion and a strong desire to help others. He’s not only helped found the Community Amateur Radio Club, but he was instrumental in resurrecting ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) in Orleans County. ARES is a group of dedicated amateur radio operators who are trained and willing to respond to communication needs in the event of an emergency.

Joe is a man of faith. We are members of and regularly attend the Albion Free Methodist Church. Joe is a devoted father and loving, faithful husband. Between us we have five children. He has three and I have two. He has loved and cared for my children since he met them as if they are his own. And his love and protection of me is like none I’ve ever known.

There are so many other words I could use to describe Joe – honest, hard working, dedicated, principled, disciplined. These are all important qualities that you should want in the person you choose to represent you.

Joe has been out and about, knocking on doors, introducing himself and presenting his platform and message. Unfortunately, we have not been able to meet everyone. It is my hope that this letter will help you to understand more about who Joe is. He wants to represent the people of Gaines. He wants to be the voice for residents. He has out his message out there. People know what he stands for and why he is running in this Primary.

I strongly believe that someone’s personal qualities carry over into their professional lives. Someone who is hard working, honest, faithful and compassionate when dealing with family and friends will carry those qualities into their work. Joe has done that in his 30 years with the Rochester Police Department and he will do that as your Town Councilperson.

Please vote in the Republican Primary on September 13.


Michelle Gangi