Whiting family in Albion also lost two brothers in World War II

Posted 25 May 2022 at 8:24 am


I enjoy reading the Orleans Hub from time to time, as much for the history that I was never taught in school as for finding out what is going on these days.

Your recent article about honoring the Sheret brothers reminded me of the Whiting brothers who perished in WWII.

I “commuted” by school bus from the Bridges in the early 1950s and never got immersed in village history but I occasionally got a small sampling of it when when I stayed in the village after school and when a classmate would invite me to stop by for a snack on my way downtown.

Kenny Whiting was the source of one such invitation and as we approached his house on West Bank Street, I noticed two gold stars affixed to the front window of his home and asked what they signified.

He explained that they were for his brothers who were killed in WWII. I was so embarrassed at my ignorance that I didn’t pursue the matter other than to offer my heartfelt condolences. Your article prompted me to look on the Internet and I found reference to the following WWII fatalities: Lester Harry Whiting (Navy) and Victor E. Whiting (Army).

Dyckman T. Poland – Albion High School, Class of 1955

Marietta, Georgia