Whipple served county well as EDA executive director

Posted 1 April 2021 at 2:05 pm


On behalf of the entire Board of Directors of the Orleans County Economic Development Agency, we wish our former director, Jim Whipple, best of luck as he enters a new phase of his life called “retirement”!

Our entire county is indebted to Jim for his hard work and innovative thinking in bringing economic development to the forefront of our county’s initiatives. Jim’s ability to solve complex issues with creative solutions has been the driving engine behind the success in attracting new business to our area as well supporting our existing county businesses.

In addition, his support for the hard work of the agency staff (Gabrielle Barone and Diane Blanchard) has contributed to their ability to successfully meet the goals of supporting all businesses in our county.

We often say that Jim has put Orleans County on the map when it comes to attracting economic opportunities for the region and, for that, we all are deeply appreciative of his efforts.

Best wishes Jim and thanks for all you have done for us!

Paul Hendel

Chairman of Board of Directors

Orleans County Economic Development Agency