Western New Yorkers pay for Cuomo initiatives that have little local benefit

Posted 15 October 2017 at 9:04 am


This is an open letter to Andrew Cuomo. Mr. Cuomo, I live in western NY, live paycheck to paycheck, do not travel to NYC, and can’t afford to own a boat.

Yet every time I travel the Thruway for business or pleasure, I am required to not just pay for the upkeep of this important artery, but also underwrite a downstate bridge named after your father, and a waterway I cannot afford to use.

Why is that?

You’ve stated that the canal system is an important “economic engine” for western NY. How so sir? Certainly, there are some bars and restaurants along the canal that benefit from it being open. At the cost of the great majority of us that neither use or benefit from the huge outlay of tax dollars used to keep it open.

Conservative capitalist as I am, I cannot fathom the rationale of those that use it and/or benefit from it are not responsible for it. But my taxes/tolls are.

I’m well aware I will not receive a response as you ignore the wishes of anyone west of Albany.

This letter is more directed to my fellow western New Yorkers that should and will vote for a NY Constitutional amendment that may restore our state to being a powerhouse of growth.

New laws, including ethics reform, term limits, the repeal of your imposed “safe act” are just the start.

And most importantly demolishing and reinventing tax laws in this state. Why is it you grant huge tax breaks to certain businesses instead of truly making NY “Open for Business.”

Bob Harker