Welding students strengthen benches for growing electricity class at BOCES

Posted 15 April 2024 at 2:25 pm

Provided photos: Senior class members from left Teacher Mr. Shannon Rutty, Deacon Higgins (Royalton-Hartland), Nolan Phillips (Lyndonville), Hailey-Ann Skernick (Newfane) and Gavin Ciarfella (Medina).

Press Release/Orleans/Niagara BOCES

MEDINA – Former Electricity/Electronics teacher Bob Fritton noticed that the benches in his classroom at the Orleans Career and Technical Education Center were not able to accommodate his large class.

“After a significant increase in class size, we needed to be able to comfortably seat two students at each bench,” said Mr. Fritton.  “Our welding teachers, Mr. Ron Jackson and Mr. Shannon Rutty designed the new legs for the benches. The assembly of the legs was a team effort including students from the senior and junior welding classes. The new legs have the additional options of adding a shelf under them and to be able to level the individual legs. These new legs will bring new life to old benches and will make them serviceable for a long time to come.”

We love it when classes collaborate! Great job Mr. Jackson’s and Mr. Rutty’s classes!

Junior Class – Front Row: Eva Lacy (Medina) and Ivan Mandujano-Ortiz (Lockport). Back Row:  Cencere Lowe (Albion), Mr. Shannon Rutty, Jack Cole (Newfane), James Harris (Barker) and Connor Dwyer (Barker).