Weights & Measures reassures public that gas pumps are accurate as price rises

Posted 23 February 2021 at 11:18 am

Press Release, Genesee-Orleans County Weights & Measures Department

With the current spike in fuel prices, the Genesee-Orleans County Department of Weights & Measures wants the public to know that all pumps in service are up to date with their state-mandated inspections and have been approved for use.

“We pumped over 13,000 gallons of fuel testing and verifying fuel meters last year,” stated Ronald P. Mannella, Weights and Measures director in the two counties. “If a pump is out of tolerance and under delivering, it is removed from service until repaired. Our tolerances are tight in order to establish fairness and equity in the marketplace.”

Of the 457 petroleum pumps between the two counties, only one was found under delivering and out of tolerance in 2020.