Webster-Bunch has proven to be advocate for children on Medina Board of Education

Posted 13 May 2018 at 11:54 am


Tuesday will be very exciting for the Medina Central School District. On this day, we voters are given the privilege of exercising our sacred franchise to vote for the candidate whom we feel will best represent our interests.

While all candidates who enter the political arena deserve our admiration, we believe it is our duty to carefully review each candidate’s experience, education, accomplishments in life, as well as what they have thus far bought to the MCSD as current board members. We hope everyone can agree that it is this information by which we, to at least some degree, determine what kind of mettle each candidate is made of.

Most folks by now have seen the signs and read the Budget Booklet featuring the candidates, as well as fliers Dr. Webster-Bunch has mailed school residents. Dr. Bunch has mailed these in an effort to introduce herself to the public, as well as to the many people who would attend MCSB meetings but are unable. These things are great information tools, but they tend to talk about the candidate in terms of their professional backgrounds, rather than who they are.

Please allow us to introduce you to Ann. She is the third generation of her family to reside in Medina. She feels her greatest accomplishments in life are not her professional accomplishments, but instead are those of being a devoted daughter, wife and mother.

She has been an excellent neighbor to all. For years we have watched as she and her son walk the family dogs in the evening. She takes every opportunity to learn and to teach, to the point that her young son can tell you more about varieties of trees, flowers, birds, wildlife and insects of every kind. She has also made him an expert on the planets, and he knows more about the canal than most of us who have lived on it.

As Professor at Brockport SUNY, she is available to students anytime of the day, including weekends, with questions regarding issues that will help to promote their education. I know this personally, as my nieces, as well as their friends, have reached out to her at her home on weekends for help and direction, which she graciously gives them.

When Doctor Bunch becomes committed to any project, she takes personal responsibility to see it to fruition. She has served the Medina Central School Board for six years, currently serving the end of her first year as vice president. She has a keen understanding of the budget, which she reviews with a watchful eye to detail, as well as a devotion to fiscal responsibility, while ensuring that the needs of the students as well as all the staff are met.

Thank you all so much for you time and attention in this matter.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Eileen Hare

Ann M. McElwee

Town of Ridgeway