Weather Service warns of downed trees and powerlines overnight

Staff Reports Posted 1 March 2018 at 10:12 pm

Medina announces school closed on Friday

Medina Central School has announced it will be closed on Friday due to an anticipated snowstorm that could bring up to 14 inches of snow to Orleans County.

The National Weather Service warns there is increasing risk of downed trees and powerlines tonight with northeast wind gusts hitting about 40 miles per hour this evening.

“The unusual wind direction for strong winds, combined with wet, thawed ground conditions and heavy, wet snow loading on tree limbs will more easily bring down trees and powerlines tonight,” the Weather Service said.

Residents are urged to prepare for possible power outages overnight by charging phones and other necessary devices while there is still electricity. The Weather Service also encouraged people to make sure flashlights and portable radios have batteries.

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