Wearing a mask during a pandemic shouldn’t be politicized

Posted 26 August 2020 at 8:39 am


Mr. William’s letter is spot on. And I should know. In a photo of a recent class reunion in Medina, I’m the guy with the hat, white beard and cane. I (almost) always wear my mask when entering any public place.

I had my mask on when I got out of my car to join the group but when I saw that none of my classmates had a mask on I took mine off. I was the last one there and I figured they’d all agreed not to wear their masks and who am I to get in their faces?

I was wrong not to keep my mask on. I do take issue with Mr. William’s opinion that wearing a mask is just a matter of public health. There is an extreme right wing in this country that wants to take the country back to 1956, the year me and my classmates graduated.

In my opinion this right wing has made mask wearing a political matter. It is their way of expressing their opinion that Covid is a hoax and the number of Covid deaths is a liberal fabrication.

One last point. I believe the extreme right wingers, and the mostly Republican politicians who ride their coat tails, have become a force for evil.

Dennis Seekins