Wear masks to protect others and help economy to recover faster

Posted 4 June 2020 at 11:13 am


Please protect our granddaughter, Paige, a physician’s assistant. Paige was a fierce 3-sports competitor, wanted the ball in crunch time, winning her high school B-ball league championship with last-second game-winning shots in consecutive games.

Although only 5’4” she could sky and won and dominated college and high school volleyball games with crushing kills.

She brought the same fire to her academics, graduating from D’Youville Physician Assistant School, Summa Cum Laude.

Now she brings the same energy and zest to serving patients in an Emergency Room, working many hours.

Please honor her and protect her and all health care workers and zealously follow the COVID-19 guidelines.

As we relax our safeguards slightly, don’t personally relax, as is the tendency. The U.S. is ravaged with the disease. Although only 1/18th of the world’s population, we’re nearly 1/3rd in reported cases and more than a 1/4th of the deaths.

Wall Street Journal’s Michael S. Derby: “Federal Reserve Bank of New York President John Williams said 5/21, it is unclear when the U.S. economy will fully recover from the coronavirus pandemic… With the economic outlook hinging on how the virus is contained, ‘it’s impossible to know exactly how and when workers and businesses will be fully back to work and when consumers will return…,’” Williams said.

Our diligence in guarding against spreading the virus is not a private health issue with only personally taking risks, but a public health issue: if we get ill, we’ll likely spread it to others. On Buffalo tv news, a doctor was featured saying that “a vigorous cough can project the virus 18 feet.”

Please do your part, obey the guidelines and protect our granddaughter Paige and her family and patients. Protect all those serving you, in health care offices, grocery stores, etc. and also our failing economy, the implications of which are life-threatening to the working and elderly poor, a large part of our country’s population.

Please maintain “social distance,” and wear your masks to protect others.

Please follow the guidelines. Protect our PA granddaughter.

Bob and Margaret Golden