Watch the debate with a discerning mind, sifting through falsehoods

Posted 27 June 2024 at 9:23 am


Let’s note before the debate that I hope you will fact check with a fact checker and not someone on an entertainment show

Revolutionary Leftist radicals wrote our founding documents – the Declaration of Independence (Ben Franklin was 70 then) and Constitution (Ben Franklin brokered major deals on that at age 81). The first few words are “When in the course of human events…” Franklin and others knew we always exist at the forefront of the continuum of history.

You can not rewrite history. For example, the South did not fight the Civil War so slaves could choose slavery. The founders wrote they intentionally ruled out a national religion or to allow for all types of religion or (Washington) no religion at all.

Trump bragged he installed the justices needed to over turn abortion. The decision was based on a writings by a 17th century English Judge who sentenced woman to be burned to death as witches. It was an intellectually dishonest decision with broad implications.

Similarly this year only 8 Republican House members voted to protect contraception. That’s nuts! Medical advances allow us to live longer and have contributed to pushing the average age of marriage from the mid to late teen years to a person’s late 20s. Meanwhile the age of puberty and sexual curiosity has moved years earlier.

What good is original intent if it does not account for medical progress and the continuum of history. Contraception is a fact of life, not law.

IVF for families is now being challenged. None of this is how our radical founders wanted what they did interpreted. They wanted government to serve man in the present day.

American tariffs helped throw the world into world-wide depression. Republican President Coolidge and Hoover listened to businessmen and  ignored liberal economists and tried to turn back to a long gone tariff-based economy to stimulate the economy when the truth was they only protected elite donors businesses. Sales through tariffs that really only help elite businesses and everyone else. It was an out-of-date solution serving only a few.

Trump contributed to our current inflation with tariffs. He has been campaigning for more tariffs to close his deficit (it was 2x Biden’s the first time around). A tariff-based economy such as Trump talks about would repeat the single greatest economic mistake in history.

Trump always says elections are fixed – even the one he won – but has never produced proof. Everything with him is always been or going to be someone else’s fault. Even News Max is running disclaimers across the bottom of the screen sometimes when he talks. It’s his ego talking to always blame others and not good judgement – six bankruptcies later.

Importantly, one of the reason’s Hitler was able to seize control of Germany was he threw out the civil service and stacked government with his followers. That is exactly what Trump wants to do now. He claims he has to deal with the Deep State.

The Deep State which convicted him (wrongly he claims) and Biden’s son (rightly he claims).  (He neglects we have a legal and jury system designed to bend over backwards to avoid to avoid wrongful convictions!)

Trump knows enough to know he needs to remove the safety checks standing in his (or any other politician ) way when he/they try to break the law. We hire these civil servants to execute as long as the law on the books.

They are both old like Ben Franklin. So I ask all to listen to see which debater is wiser and sharper, not louder.  Which honors our founders and a democracy from, by, and for the people.

Conrad F. Cropsey