Wanted: DJs for internet-based radio in Orleans County

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 31 March 2023 at 1:08 pm

Photo by Tom Rivers: Randy Reese is working on putting equipment for DJs to run radio shows out of the Lake Country Pennysaver building in Albion.

ALBION – Randy Reese, the leader of an internet-based radio station based in Orleans County, wants to expand the operation. He is seeking more DJs to run radio programming.

That could be people willing to develop blocks of programming that could feature a blues show, or a focus on jazz, heavy metal, Celtic, classical – whatever genre they are passionate about.

Reese launched Canalside Radio at thecanalsideradio.com about a year ago. He has been doing pre-recorded programs, running the site from his Medina home.

If there is enough interest from volunteer DJs, and if he meets a $5,000 fundraising goal to buy another set of radio equipment, Reese said he will add a new studio in Albion, and run it out of the Lake Country Pennysaver building at 170 North Main St. That would be the spot for the DJs to run their shows.

Reese is holding a 3 p.m. meeting on Saturday at the Hoag Library in Albion to meet with prospective DJs. He would like them to commit to at least 4 hours a week. He said the prospective DJs should be people with a passion for radio and music, and the local community.

“I would love to have community-centric features,” he said. “It could be all about what’s happening in Orleans County.”

He also seeks community support for a $5,000 fundraising goal for radio equipment – computer, microphone, boards and licensing charges. Weese said he is developing a non-profit model, and expects in the future the current internet-based radio could get an FM signal.

“I love radio and I love this community,” Reese said. “It connects with the people here.”

Reese moved back to Medina about 1 ½ years ago from Idaho. He continues to do his full-time job managing grants for the Valley Regional Transit in Idaho, working remotely.

Reese spent his first 41 years in Medina before going to Idaho. Out there he saw how a small radio station helped to bring a community together.

For more information, contact Reese at thecanalsideradio@gmail.com or attend the information session at 3 p.m. on Saturday at the Hoag Library.