Voters urged to support Libertarian candidate for president

Posted 2 November 2016 at 10:32 pm


This Presidential election cycle has been interesting to say the least. The nastiness and mud-slinging is apparently boundless, based on the topics we have had to endure.

Character surely is important, so are current events as is the future direction of this nation. Liberty and freedom are the founding principles of our nation and should continue to guide us in the future. In my lifetime, we have all seen our liberties and freedoms curtailed and even taken away in many aspects of our lives.

Government, particularly the Federal Government, has grown in size and intrusiveness. The office of President has stringent limits placed in the Constitution originally; but the power of the executive has been increased by each administration since FDR. The current Democratic and Republican candidates seek to continue both those trends, albeit in different directions.

Governor Gary Johnson believes that America is great right now despite the path we have been on.  He knows that the American people have a love of liberty and distaste for government intrusion into their personal decisions. He knows that the United States is a country of immigrants and to deny people seeking a better life for themselves and their families is detrimental to us all.

Governor Johnson will present a balanced budget to the Congress the first time. If they want to add to the nation’s debt, they will either prove to him how it’s going to be paid off, or have to expose their wastefulness by overriding his veto. Without question, Gary Johnson is the most fiscally responsible candidate in this race.

Governor Johnson knows that continuing to classify marijuana as Schedule One is nonsense and is harming many people who can use it as a medical and psychological treatment. Also, the expense of investigations, arrests, courts and incarcerations of marijuana sellers, growers, and possessors is a cost that we cannot afford and should not be incurring as it infringes upon people’s liberty to live as they choose.

Governor Johnson respects the 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans and has stated more than once that he will not seek to add any further restrictions to the current federal gun laws.

Governor Johnson has a non-interventionist view on foreign affairs. He will not involve our military in regime change and unending war. He has the most support of current military personnel of all the Presidential candidates because of this view.

Finally, a vote for the Libertarian Presidential candidate will be counted nationally and if he can get above 5% of the total popular vote, the Libertarian Party qualifies for matching federal funding. This means that the LP in every state of the Union will have more money to help local candidates in the future.

Here in NY in 2018, we will have a Governor election. Better funding may help attract a great candidate who can at least get above 50,000 votes and get us automatic ballot access across the state for local, county and state offices.

We have seen some really great candidates in NY fall short of the overbearing amount of signatures needed to get on the ballot, while the main parties put forth the same old hacks. People I encounter say to me that we need another party at the table, the ones we have do not represent most folks. A vote for Gary Johnson helps get us to that table.

We need your vote. Your vote does count and besides, your conscience can rest easy knowing you voted for the person who would be the best president of those contending.

Dave Olsen


Chairman of Genesee County Libertarian Party