Voters urged to shake things up this election

Posted 28 October 2021 at 1:55 pm


As we race towards election time I hope voters exercise their rights and get out and vote. That’s how changes are made, for better or worse, change is always imminent.

After the last few elections going horribly wrong and the common goals (in my opinion) being led astray, I’m definitely voting for a difference.

I encourage the voters to shake it up. Maybe the underdog is exactly what your community needs. I’m definitely tired of the “well known” crowds speaking for me. Heck I’ll step outside the “comfort zone” and throw my support to Mr. Lauricella for the Yates Town Board!

It’s time for common sense politics, not following the crowd and taking a bold step towards new leadership that benefits us all. Obviously the ones who currently serve us have forgotten who put them in their positions.

It’s time for dramatic change! However the chips may fall come November, get out and vote! Have a voice and send a message to those who forgot who they serve!


Stephen Bane Jr.