Voters urged to choose wisely in the 27th Congressional race

Posted 31 October 2018 at 8:19 am


I urge your readers to consider the implications of their votes in the November 6th election for our 27th Congressional district representative.

Under a veil of carefully orchestrated suspicion, the once highly regarded (I still regard them with admiration) Federal Bureau of Investigation this year arrested at least two incumbent members of the United States House of Representatives.

Just as shoplifters, they are innocent until proven guilty.  But each—apart from the process of their arrests—has been separately indicted by a federal grand jury.  As I understand it, these Congressmen are out on bail awaiting trial.

Though my travel has been limited in the past year, I have seen only one sign for our incumbent member of Congress in three counties. We all know, however, that the absence of a sign in your yard is not necessarily an indication of how one votes.

On election day, each of us must answer only to ourselves.

Sincerely yours,

Gary F. Kent