Voters should reject Tenney and her anti-immigrant rhetoric

Posted 19 May 2024 at 6:43 pm


William Fine on May 16 correctly criticized Congresswoman Tenney for her continual Trump-like attacks on immigrants.

She obviously believes the best way to stay in office is to adopt the hateful MAGA agenda and demonize immigrants. A strategy that will certainly backfire when Trump is sent to jail and no longer runs the GOP.

A recent item in the Washington Post suggested that without the taxes paid by immigrants, there would be a shortfall in revenue resulting in reduced Social Security benefits.

Has Tenney forgotten where her forebears came from? Has it slipped her mind that they wanted a better life, much like the Germans, Irish, Italians, Chinese, Indians etc. Of course she knows this, and believes taking the low-road in politics is the best way to get re-elected.

Maybe it is time for the voters to show her she is wrong.

Jack Capurso

Ashburn, Va.

Mr. Capurso is a 1960 Albion graduate.