Vote for the Republican candidate for governor, despite strong campaign by Libertarian

Posted 15 October 2018 at 10:02 am


Friends, no matter what you think about Marc Molinaro’s message, and no matter what you think about his choice for Lt. Governor, we have to get behind him and support him by voting for him in the General Election.

You may like the message of the Libertarian candidate and his Lt. Governor choice better, but history shows that a third-party candidate distracts primarily from the Republican side.

The Democrats don’t seem to be hurt by third-party candidates. Liberals, like the third-party challenges as those from Perotites and Libertarians, knowing full well that it will help the re-election of their left-wing Democrat incumbent namely “America was never that Great” Andrew “the Egotistical Bully” Cuomo.

No matter what the weather or the circumstances, get out to vote for Marc Molinaro.

We won’t know how you voted but by the records at the Board of Elections, we can find out if you made the effort. In obtaining signatures on petitions from some people, they talk like they get out and vote, but the records state otherwise. This is real serious business this year, and if we don’t want another four years of Cuomo, we had better treat it as such.

Allen Lofthouse


(Lofthouse is chairman of the Orleans County Conservative Party)