Volunteers sought to play with rescued ‘Red Barn Cats’ in Albion

Posted 9 July 2024 at 8:01 am

Courtesy of Katelyn Spierdowis

ALBION – We are the Red Barn Cats, and we could really use your help! We used to live in an old red barn without food or water for nearly a month.

We were scared, weak and terribly hungry. Sadly, many of our friends did not make it. Fortunately, the group of us that remained were rescued by our guardian angels.

We were brought to a home where we were nursed back to health. We have all been spayed/neutered and have had our initial shots. Since then, we’ve made tremendous strides — we’ve all put on weight and are starting to show our unique personalities.

Our rescuers have worked with us to accept human touch and interaction. While some of us are still a bit skittish and need a patient home filled with lots of love and attention, we’re all on the path to becoming wonderful pets. We may require a little more effort than your average cat, but we assure you, we’re well worth it!

In the meantime, we are looking for volunteers – whether teens or adults – to come visit and play with us. Our rescuers would deeply appreciate your help and can update you on our individual progress. Any volunteers interested in helping please contact Laurie Smith at (585) 300-9816 and Karen Spierdowis at (585) 330-3074.

We’re hopeful that you’ll come to meet us soon and perhaps consider giving one of us a forever home. We’re eager to find loving families where we can share our newfound joy and bring warmth and companionship into your lives!

Meet the Red Barn Cats:

Domino – Hi! I am the hero that led our rescuers to us. I was found trembling and so weak I could barely walk. I am now feeling much better and have made a lot of progress since being saved. I am a black and white kitty, with a whole lot of spunk. I absolutely love attention and my playful personality really comes out when I have toys!

Pearl – I was brave like Domino and ran out to our rescuers, but when I was found I was nothing but skin and bones with broken whiskers. I have gained weight and now my silver coat really shines! Now that I am feeling better, I love pets and I especially love butt scratches!

Squiggy – Hi! I am an all-black kitty with striking green eyes. I am a bit shy but once I am comfortable, I love to play with interactive toys and snuggle up with my brother Barney. I am still learning how to trust and be comfortable around humans but have made great progress!

Barney – I am the “tough guy” of the group. I am a pretty quiet cat during the day, but I like to be active and playful during the nighttime. While I tend to hiss a lot and act tough, I have one of the silkiest black coats and love to groom my brothers and sisters.

Big Papa – Hi! I am the brave warrior who worked hard to take care of my family during our tough times. I am an all-black cat with a few battle scars. I was a bit timid at first, but now that we are safe, I love to curl up in people’s laps and bask in the sunshine.

Tinker Bell – Hello! I am the mother figure of the group. I am grey and white and am a fairly quiet cat. Most of the time I can be found snuggled up with Big Papa. I am hoping to find a loving home where I can finally relax and be the perfect lap cat!

The “Red Barn” Team includes Laurie Smith; Linda Spierdowis; Rusty Walls; Linda and Chris Rice; Bob Moore; S.O.S.; PAWS (Donna Vanderlaan); Karen, Kate & Cole Spierdowis; Dorinda Starkweather; Tina Burdick; Rachel Webb; Denisse Hagen; and Patty Ryan.

Editor’s Note: The Red Barn Cats have been cared for since February after their owner was stricken with an illness. Laurie Smith noticed the owner’s vehicle hadn’t been at the barn for awhile and she found the cats in need of care. Six of them then have been staying with Linda Spierdowis while another cat is at the PAWS Animal Shelter.

“They are phenomenal,” Smith said about the cats. “They are doing remarkable.”

Smith said the cats are still “a little shy and skittish,” and aren’t quite ready to be adopted. They need more socialization. All of the cats have been either spayed or neutered.

“These cats have had a second chance because of the graciousness of people,” she said. “Hopefully there is a forever home out there.”