Volleyball action resumes at YMCA

Contributed Story Posted 16 October 2014 at 12:00 am

Orleans County YMCA Happenings

Volleyball is back in action. Our fall league has been underway for sometime right now. New blood and old favorites have been battling each other throughout the season. This week was no different as underdogs caused upsets and favorites took care of business.

Starting off with our always fun C division defending Champions Main Liquor took on V8 Launchers. Main Liquor asserted their dominance the whole game as they steam rolled V8 Launchers with a 3-0 victory. On the bright side V8 Launchers improved their score every game.

Our next game was Sets on The Beach taking on Spiked Punch. Spiked Punch was desperately looking for their first win tonight. They tried their best to end this losing streak but today was not their day. Sets on The Beach came out strong with Tammy Pogel serving 7 straight times to start the game. Lisa Thrash helped her team battle back as they tied it up at 16 in the first game. Pete Rhim wasn’t having that as he threw down some ferocious spikes. It was all downhill for Spiked Punch as they lost 3-0 with a score of 75-45. Hopefully next week Spiked Punch puts their first win on the board.

In our next match up, we had Kiss My Ace taking on 2nd place My Loving X. In a huge upset Kiss My Ace was able to take game one 25-21. Strong play from Courtney Bailen helped propel Kiss My Ace to their game one victory. Game two and three were different stories. The Welker clan consisting of mother, Paula Welker and her two sons, Zack and Riley came out hot. Each string together multiple serves to help My Loving X take game two 25-12. The final game was one to watch as both teams battled for the lead as the game was within a few points reach the entire way. It was My Loving X who came out on top, winning the match 2-1 with a score of 71-56.

Moving along to our final match in C division where Serves You Right took on Bumper Cars. In a thrilling first game Bumper Cars pushed Serves You Right to their limit but was unable to close the deal as they lost 26-24. After a tough loss in game two Bumper Cars failed to get that close again, as Serves You Right won 3-0 with score of 76-59. However in the last few weeks Bumper Cars has looked better and better. Maybe next week is the week they put some wins on the board.

Moving on to our B division, an old favorite took on some new blood, as an undefeated streak came to the end while another kept going. With our first match of the night, newcomers Mundion Watts took on old favorites Bridget’s Bashers. Jen Watts of Mundion Watts played a phenomenal set. She was the glue of the team, making sure that everyone was on the same page. On the other side Bridget Stopa connected with Jason Cogovan and Cory Lewis for some devastating spikes. Their combined effort helped Bashers take game one 25-22. After that Mundion Watts had a rocky game two. Unable to get anything going they fell 25-13. Mundion Watts got back on track during game three as Matt Mundion found his groove as he started smashing balls down on the opposing team. His effort wasn’t enough as Bridget’s Bashers won 3-0 with a score of 75-55.

Our next game was an upset, as first place Victorious Secret took on We Showed Up. The first two games were all V.S. as they took game 25-17 and game two 25-16. Game three was the game of the night. As Abby Button of We Show Up served like a monster. This allowed for We Showed Up to 12-3 lead. Secret wouldn’t go away though, they battled tooth and nail to get back into the game, bringing it all the way 23-22. Secret was unable to complete the comeback as We Showed Up upset them and put an end to their undefeated streak.

In our final game of the night, How I Set Your Mother 2 took on Smart Bumps. With first place on the line, How I Set Your Mother 2 came out strong in game one. Hitting as hard as he could, Stephen Rogmoser and Keith Ward made quick work of Smart Bumps during game one, winning 25-15. Game two Kris Cane came out strong, diving for every play he could as he tried to put his team on his back. The score was close as they were tied 17-17 but How I Set Your Mother 2 turned it up and won 25-18. Game three was no different as How I Set Your Mother 2 completed the sweep winning 3-0 with a score of 75-45.

Finally we get to our A division, where each week one team has to play a double header. This week Shockers 2 was the lucky team to play the double. In our first game we had Shockers 2 of course taking on Zacher Construction. Zacher Constuction had to buckle down, being without team captain Scott Grim and Sarah Martin. Ben Wadhams stepped up his game as he did it all. He played back row setter along with being a top hitter. His effort was outstanding and was the main reason his team was able to stay undefeated winning all three games with a score of 75-54.

In the second match of Shockers 2, double header, they had to face T-Shirts Etc. Wanting revenge for losing their first three games, Shockers 2 came out strong. Travis Farnsworth was hitting the ball too hard for anyone on T-Shirts to dig. Adam Tower pitched in with a few crushing blows of his own. This led to Shockers 2 taking games one and two. T-Shirts weren’t going home without a win. The whole team decided to step it up and that they did. With a great team effort T-Shirts took game three 25-16, but still lost the set 2-1 with a score of 66-57.

Youth Soccer
Youth sports have started back up at the Y. Our first sport this fall is youth soccer, which is definitely one of the most fun sports to watch.

In our littlest age group, Brody Hazel showed off his stuff. Dribbling through defender like he was untouchable, Ava Blount was also on her game as she slammed two bullets to the back of the net.

In our oldest age group, Jacob Pitcher was a stone wall on defense. He wasn’t letting anyone by. He was masterful on defense and even pushed the pace as he went down on the offensive end. Aiden Owczarczak also highlighted this week with a stunning header at the end of the game to tie the game 2-2. It was an amazing play to see from someone so young. Stay tune for more action from these young stars.