The one-room schoolhouse in Jeddo

Posted 15 October 2013 at 12:00 am

By Bill Lattin
Orleans County Historian

RIDGEWAY – In this photo taken during March 1903 we see students who attended school at District 13 in Ridgeway.

This one-room schoolhouse was located at Jeddo on Ridge Road just east of the Orleans-Niagara County Line. It includes students from grades 1 to 8.

Miss Clute, the teacher, is standing directly left of the tree. Students in the picture include: Harold Waterbury, Howard Havens, Georgie Bane, Snella Collins, Ruth Bateman, Chester Eaton, Thurman Bayne, Ray Lewis, Cora Payne, Theron Beck, David (unknown last name), Sarah Springer, Homer Beck, Howard Eaton, Erma Bateman, Eulalie Bayne, Ray Housell, Burt Webb, Gennie Case, Velada Beck, Hildreth Foster, Jessie Fitzgerald, Girtie Collins, Arthur Havens and Winifred Payne.

The two women to the right are Ruby Payne and Kittie Fitzgerald.

Note the flag pole from the woods. An outhouse is also visible behind the school.