Famed newspaper editor owned cobblestone house in Gaines

By Matthew Ballard, Orleans County Historian Posted 4 February 2015 at 12:00 am

Happy 204th Birthday to Horace Greeley!

Editor of the New York Tribune and one-time presidential candidate, Greeley was once owner of the Ward House here at The Cobblestone Museum. Co-signing the mortgage for the small cobblestone home was the only way his impecunious aunt and uncle could afford to purchase the home.

When Greeley’s Uncle Benjamin Dwinnell became ill and could no longer make payments on the mortgage, Horace took control of the property. We believe he made a brief visit to Gaines in the mid-1860s to sell the house at auction.

Editor’s note: Greeley’s birthday was on Tuesday. He lived to be 61, served as a congressman and also ran for U.S. president against Ulysses Grant in 1872.

Photo by Matt Ballard