Vietnam War vet worries about state of democracy in US

Posted 27 September 2018 at 2:56 pm


In 1969, I served in the military and fought in Vietnam with the infantry; I put my life on the line for my country’s honor. During that time I did not feel that the values and institutions of our democracy were at risk.

Now, however I am very worried about the values that define our republic. The President’s assaults on the free press combined with the complacency of the majority party undermine the institution of a free press.

In addition, the assault on the FBI and the Department of the Justice by the President and the Republican Party is undermining confidence in our rule of law. The President’s and GOP’s refusal to investigate foreign interference in our election is undermining confidence in our elections.

Mr. Trump’s cabinet members, Tom Price and Scott Pruitt, mishandled funds. Other members – Ryan Zinke, Ben Carson, Steve Mnuchin and Wilber Ross – are under suspicion of graft. The GOP shrugs. There are a number of Mr. Trump’s team that have met secretly with Russians and lied about doing so. The Republican Party is either complacent or complicit in the destruction of these American values and institutions.

My congressman in the 27th district endorses these assaults on our institutions and democratic values. He just released a xenophobic, racist political ad that he endorsed in which he lied about his opponent.

We need to return to values of Truth and Justice in our political system. Vote for Democrats. Vote for Nate McMurray.

Thank you.

William Fine