Veterans’ sacrifice would be for naught if election results subverted

Posted 25 September 2020 at 9:49 am


A writer in the Letters to the Editor shocked me when I saw he wrote that he claimed to have checked to see if FOX had verified that Trump had called our veterans “suckers” and been unable to find it! Part of my shock is that I know that if President Trump does not say it, this writer believes it’s fake news.

Well every search I did confirmed Fox’s News Division’s verification! But since a picture is worth a thousand words, readers can click here to see it.

Joe Apatow recently said – more pointedly than I – that every Trump supporter thinks cruelly about someone or something. It’s a surprisingly wise observation when you think of all the disinformation and attacks that characterize his rallies.

But in this case write about one of them – to say “Our Vets deserve better.”  Lies should never betray the truth and democracy for all they fought for.

Note though this letter of appreciation of our Vets could be like writing to the choir if Trump’s statements today about setting the vote aside play out. Their sacrifice means nothing if Red State Legislatures set aside the vote and reappoint members of the electoral college to elect Trump. ( See 1st: Bush v. Gore, Scalia opinion and 2nd Gelman “The Atlantic” The Election that could break America on Trump strategy. )

Vets sacrifice for democracy could be for naught in the future if the house burns down but they gave me a good life. Thank you.

Conrad Cropsey