Veteran’s poem reflects on ultimate sacrifice

Posted 26 May 2023 at 11:20 am


Do not cry.

A soft warm wind blows

over a field where poppies

grow with their heads held

high to the sky.

The field is filled row upon row with white

crosses at attention as sentries

in honor of our buddies below.

Please do not cry, we gave our all

so there would be freedom for all.

All we ask of you, pray for our souls,

loved ones and for peace. Be grateful

for us, honor our flag old glory,

salute it.

Now as the sun sets and evenings shadows fall

we say our prayers and give thanks to our supreme


The air calm, the evening shadows fade,

the sun sinking lower in the sky.

Nearby stands a soldier at attention with a bugle playing taps.

We are at peace and at rest where the poppies

grow row on row with their heads reaching

toward the heavens among the white crosses.

Do not cry for us.

Carl Boyle


(Mr. Boyle is a U.S. Army veteran and member of the American Legion Post 1603 in Lyndonville.)