Use real science and common sense in evaluating impacts from wind turbines

Posted 5 February 2019 at 8:30 pm


In the face of real science and common sense, wind energy opposition continues to promote junk medicine.

Regardless of how many times the issue has been conclusively studied, wind energy opponents keep claiming that sound and infrasound (inaudible low frequency sound vibrations) from wind energy noise is making people sick. It is time to apply a little common sense to this issue.

The Environmental Health Sciences Research Center has collaborated with the Iowa Policy Project just published yet another thorough study (click here) that demonstrates that sound and infrasound from wind turbines has no effect on people’s health.

The study did demonstrate that there in many cases of people claiming to have symptoms caused by a nocebos effect. People are shown videos of wind turbines and claim they are getting ill.

In response to all the conclusive medical evidence those opposed to reasonable judgement counter with studies performed without any regard to the scientific process.

All the arguments of studies aside, let’s look at this with your grandfather’s common sense. The maligned “infrasound” that is causing all of this sickness is all around us today. It comes from the furnace in your home, the traffic on the road, the car you drive, radio you listen to, the tractor used by the farmer and waves along the shore of Lake Ontario.

The unheard vibrations from all of this activity is present for all of us every day. Those vibrations are not any different from the vibrations created by a wind blade passing through the air. It is all inaudible vibrations covering a wide range of the same frequencies. Are you feeling sick right now knowing that your body has been subject to all of this infrasound for so many years?

And what do we call a male bovine standing in a field?

Linda Fisk