USA is right to crack down on illegal immigration

Posted 2 August 2018 at 11:52 am


Mr. Wilson, in his recent letter, ponders the question of immigration with deliberative thought. I really disturbed Mr. Wilson with my lack of facts. Mr. Wilson I am not re-treading tired worn out stereotypical opinions that have been disproven for 150 years.

I am merely stating what is going on in the country and worldwide with Illegal immigration in the 21st Century. Your bundling all immigrants into this argument. I welcome legal immigration. Come in the front door. Prove your worth. Come on a VISA, we know who you are, then go home.

You also know then when President Ford created that council (DCCOIA) that the house was controlled by Democrats (not yet quite as rabid as today’s) followed by the 2nd worst president, a Democrat (my opinion) in my lifetime.

Appointments are made by who you know in the ruling party. Always look at the names. These were stacked appointments to achieve the result. You should know that.

True, President Reagan signed the Immigration reform and control act that gave amnesty to 3 million-plus illegals – more like 11 million. He regretted it afterward. It was a get tough act but failed because nothing was done by Tip O’Neill and the liar Democrats like Teddy Kennedy who promised to control the border. They did nothing. They also controlled the house till 1994.

That is what’s driving the movement for a wall in 2018. The citizens have been burned before. You seem to be leaving out facts, too. You also have it partially wrong about the illegal immigration reform and immigrant responsibility act of 1996. It was not the left’s bill (the left never tires of Illegal immigration) it was a Republican bill and was passed after Clinton signed the welfare reform bill. (Remember they won the house in 1994 – the 104th Congress.)

It was a tough bill but ended up having bad results as it finally beefed up border patrol and accelerated deportation but it gave many illegals pause to settle here in the States under the radar rather than get caught trying to invade again. Then they started having children and of course you liberals use the children as weapons to advance most of your dirty deeds. So they illegally invaded and stayed rather than risk getting caught going back and forth. It actually turned out to be a disaster, again why we’re here today.

There were 2.5 million illegals who invaded under Obama, slightly less than Bush who was hardly a Republican. The numbers kind of balanced themselves around 11 to 12 million as those sneaking in were pretty equal to those being deported by both. That’s too many illegally in our country, sir.

Taxpayers spend $18.5 billion on illegal invaders’ hospital bills every year, says an article in Forbes. It’s a well-known fact the strain on hospitals that illegals have through the country. That’s not counting the education and social services strain on the taxpayers. Kind of nullifies the invaders’ contributions.

National security, Mr. Wilson? The people here Illegally don’t give a hoot about this country. They protest waving flags from their own country, trampling and burning ours. Disrespecting the police and private property. These are the young people you’re talking about that are flocking here. Mr. Wilson when it comes to the USA there is no country that is near or our peers. Do you really believe that China and Russia are scared of us because of our immigrant population? They laugh at us. They don’t take in every kind of refugee. They are smart. We have the strongest most powerful, lethal military in the world bar none.

If they have any reason to fear us, it’s because of that, and our armed to the teeth population. We are Americans and we are exceptional. We should only admit legal immigrants that are skilled, self reliant and useful to the betterment of the USA.

By the way I am the son of an Italian immigrant, World War II veteran who came here legally with a sponsor, learned the language, promoted a work ethic to his children, flew the American flag, embraced the culture, loved this country and knew the difference between right and wrong.

Paul Lauricella