US needs an honest government that citizens can trust

Posted 17 June 2024 at 9:31 am


It seems that some residents in Orleans County think they are omnipotent when it comes to labeling who is a liar, a law breaker or a womanizer. What special powers do they have to be able to ascertain the truth, telling everyone what they should believe based on their assumptions. More than likely, they all get  their information from the “bought and paid for” corrupt fake news media!

The “sham” case against former President Trump was a demonstration of what corrupt judges and prosecutors who answer to desperate politicians will do to eliminate Americans’ freedom of choice by trying to get rid of the competition among candidates. This is the proverbial “pot calling the kettle black” with felonious officials labeling someone as a convicted felon to tarnish their name. The biggest fear for those in power is the fear of prosecution, for carrying out their sordid schemes to defraud the American public of their rights, should President Trump win in November.

Cases like his will be the norm for Americans who disagree with this corrupt political narrative, should these leaders remain in power. Make no mistake, you will be “shut down” if what you believe doesn’t agree with their ideology. We have had a corruption in our system of government in America for nearly 80 years, however it has never reached the level we see today. Do we want to be slaves to our government, much like the illegal migrants that have come in to our country?

The “elites” are running the “clown show” in Washington, which is designed to “shut down” patriotic Americans who value the freedom to live their lives without being told how to live. Their “king of the hill” system of totalitarian government with all for them and none for the rest of us, needs to be rejected by everyone at the bottom of the hill!

No one should want anyone from government making decisions directing them how to live. That is not freedom! We are a republican form of government, so why should we have deceitful politicians who despise freedom for everyone, except for themselves, running the show!

President Clinton was one of the better presidents we have had and yet he was impeached over the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal for lying about it to congress. He also had to pay over $800,000 in “settlement money” to Paula Jones, who accused him of sexual harassment.

President Kennedy had many affairs that the media covered up back in those days. I respect Clinton because he otherwise did a good job and did not break laws or corrupt the justice department to do his bidding. I believe it was Obama who started with weaponization of the IRS against his political adversaries.

Many men and women in power feel that they have the right to engage in sordid behavior because of the positions they hold. The women are as promiscuous as the men when it comes to this. (Did I just hear that NY wants to make prostitution legal?) They believe they are better than the average American and should be able to get away with such activity.

The standard of behavior exhibited by presidents, sports figures, movie stars and the like, in addition to other people we hold in high regard, shows that these are not the best examples of the ideals we strive to teach young impressionable children. People in high positions are generally not high up on the scale when it comes to morality, so best not to use them as good representatives. Perhaps a neighbor or someone from a church would be a more appropriate example.

Politicians, lawyers and media reporters do what they do best, which is “bending the truth” or not telling the whole truth, to influence the public to buy the snake oil they are trying to sell. In this case, the snake oil is the poison that will destroy our way of life in America. The latest hoax the media is reporting to turn you away from President Trump is that he will end their reporting careers if elected. Perhaps their fears would diminish if they stopped reporting lies about Trump and other conservative-leaning Americans.

Our whole system of government is corrupted by money and power over others, leaving the “average” American at a loss to control those who are supposed to represent them. Perhaps things might improve if every politician and government worker was removed from their position and had to reapply after passing a lie detector test. Of course, only a handful of politicians would be rehired!

Don’t be fooled by things getting a little better before the election. It’s all a sham, like everything the fake media spews out! If the party in power remains, things will be much worse than now, with more wars, reckless spending to give kick backs to politicians, out of control inflation, food shortages, energy shortages, together with an even more corrupt judicial system. Another Covid pandemic could be in the works as well!

Who knows what the next hoax or fake stories will be to disrupt your freedom to choose your candidate for president. The “elites” will do everything they can to remain at the top of the hill, while you scrape along the bottom. They are desperate to win and scared to lose, so their schemes to take down President Trump will probably reach grand proportions in the months to come.

We have all had enough of this! The party in power is not representing us and needs to go! Change in leadership is the necessary option so we can begin to reign in some of the corruption that has plagued America for so many years. We deserve better from our government.

We must demand that politicians work to represent all of us, guaranteeing our constitutional rights and that we not be treated like third-class citizens in the country that belongs to all Americans! Term limits and minimal campaign contributions to politicians from donors would be a good start toward reestablishing an honest government that citizens can trust.


Gary Deiboldt