Upsets highlight ‘Y’ volleyball action

Contributed Story Posted 15 November 2014 at 12:00 am

Orleans County YMCA Happenings

This week in our fall co-ed volleyball league big names took a tumble while others made strides. The action was spread across all three divisions, with each team gunning for position as the playoffs get closer and closer.

Starting off with our always crazy C division, Serves You Right took on V8 Launchers. V8 Launchers were poised to win as Roz Tondera made her return to the court this week. Serves You Right spoiled her return by narrowly taking the first game 25-22. In the second game Roz and friends put a string of diving saves together. Hitting the floor many times, but saving the ball in the process. Their acrobatic play allowed them to finish off the match with two wins. This allowed them to win the match 2-1 with a score of 72-66.

In our next match Bumper Cars looked to continue their winning streak as their took on Sets on the Beach. Sue Miller of Sets was having an all round good game. She really got her teammates involved and made everyone better. It was an ugly one from the start for Bumper Cars. It didn’t seem like they could make any ground as they lost all three games. They did improve each game, but Sets On The Beach was too strong. As they won the match 3-0 with a score of 75-44, maybe next week Bumper Cars will have better luck.

Our next match was Kiss My Ace taking on Spiked Punch. Spiked Punch also getting their first win last week looked to capitalize as they took on 3rd place Kiss My Ace. With Sara Page sitting out because of a pregame injury, Kiss My Ace struggled at first. Lisa Thrash for Spiked Punch got more involved than she ever was. She was flying around getting a hand on every ball, really trying to help her team get another win. Kristin Culver for Kiss My Ace made the game look easy. She went a run in every game with her strong serve. The other team couldn’t receive it at all. They were all muttering that it was too fast for them to get. Even playing one player down Kiss My Ace was able to win 3-0 with a score of 75-39.

In our final game of C division it was the battle for first. My Loving X took on Main Liquor. Before the game both teams sported an 18-3 record. Last time these teams met Main Liquor was able to take the game 2-1 but My Loving X had other things in mind. In the first game both teams went back and forth with the lead, but Main Liquor was just too strong as father, daughter combo Nicci and Gary Moore finished the game with hard hitting serves. Game two had My Loving X bounces back as Kit Coleman set up Zack Welker for a few crushing spikes. Adam Graff also played a stellar game on the net, having 3 blocks for points. It was all I Loving X as they took game two 25-15. So it all came down to game three. Both teams were neck and neck until about the 20 mark. Despite Paula Welker saving a couple points for Main Liquor, My Loving X was able to edge them 25-23, winning the match 2-1 with a score of 67-63.

Moving on B division, where some teams took care of business and others struggled. In the first match Bridget’s Bashers took on We showed Up. These teams both need the wins as they 3rd place was wide open for any of the lower tier teams. In the first game We Showed Up was all over the place. The whole team was running into each other and smashing balls everywhere, but the other team’s court. Bridget’s played their game and was able to take the first game 25-17 thanks to their smart defense. In the next game those balls that had been getting hit out started hitting the court, as Dustin Wells lead We Showed Up for a game two victory. In game three We Showed Up kept the momentum going. Bridget Stopa tried her best to rally her team with solid passing, but the hitting just wasn’t there as they dropped game three resulting in 2-1 lose in the set with a score of 67-57.

In our next game How I Set Your Mother 2 took on Mundion Watts. It was blowout from the beginning. With the return of Austin Bane How I Set Your Mother 2 looked unstoppable. He was explosive. Destroying the ball every time he got a set, he was on fire the moment he stepped onto the court. Mundion Watts had no answer for him. In the first game HISYM2 won 25-17. It got ugly after that point as they won 25-7 the next game. Andy Watts and Jen Watts tried their best to bring some life back into their team, but they couldn’t handle the fire power of Bane and his team, as they won 3-0 with a score of 75-39.

In our final match of B division 1st seed Victorious Secret took on last place Smart Bumps. Most thought this was going to be a blowout, even VS did, but it was far from it. In game one Smart Bumps got out to a huge lead of 14-6. Danny Anderson of VS was able to use his signature serve The Flying Squirrel too brings his team all the way back to even. From there his team was able to finish off the game and win 25-20. In the second game Smart Bumps again got out to a lead. This time Kris Cane made sure Secret wasn’t coming back, as he had 3 straight blocks. He and Smart Bumps were playing out of their mind, as they upset VS game two 25-18. In game three Secret got out to a nice lead, but Smart Bumps were able bring it all the way 24-23. Riley Welker saved Victorious Secret by having a tip, then a slam to help them win game three 25-23 and win the match 2-1 with a score of 68 to 68.

Moving over to Tuesday nights, A division got under way with T-Shirts Etc taking on Shockers 2. Keith Ward subbed for Shockers 2 and he was a force. Sometimes Keith can hit straight into the net, but not tonight. He was on point. Hitting and blocking every ball that came at him. His play along with Travis Farnsworth allowed them to take the first two games. In the third game Dave Baker and “Big Mike dominated Shockers 2. Dave wasn’t letting any ball get passed him. Digging anything they hit at him. While Big Mike was destroying the ball even fans of Shockers were impressed. They went on to win the game 25-22. Shockers won the match 2-1 with a score of 72-68.

T-Shirts having to play a double header had to take on Zacher Construction. With the return of ace Ben Wadhams Zacher Construction returned to form and was dominated from the start, winning game one 25-7. Sarah Martin was great all three games. Doing all she could for her team and even hitting great, proving how well rounded she is. T-Shirt’s captain Brain Kemp tried to get his team going with perfect sets and a few spikes of his own, but Zacher Construction was on point and deadly as they breezed through them winning all three games with a score of 75-44. Stay tuned next week for all your fall volleyball action.