Upcoming forum for Lighthouse Wind is latest misstep by Apex with the project

Posted 24 September 2018 at 9:12 am


The recent fiasco surrounding the location of the October 2 Apex Lighthouse Wind “forum” is another in a series of instances that demonstrate the lack of credibility surrounding Apex Lighthouse Wind operations.

This “forum” is intended to lay out the details of the Apex proposal to construct up to 70, 600-foot-high industrial wind turbines in the towns of Yates and Somerset. This information has been requested by local residents of Apex countless times over the last 4 years and is necessary to completely assess the serious impact Lighthouse wind will have on our quiet rural community.

Most recently the “forum” was scheduled for the fire hall in Ridgeway, allegedly because other suitable locations in Somerset and Yates were not available. This turned out to be entirely false. Why then, was this event scheduled miles from the project area and miles from the people most effected? Clearly, Apex wanted to avoid having to face the people who would be most impacted by Lighthouse Wind while at the same time drawing in those that support, as long as the project is in someone else’s back yard. Fortunately, the “forum” has been relocated to a more acceptable location. The event however is taking on the characteristics of a propaganda blitz.

Other instances of strained credibility have regularly occurred over the years since Lighthouse Wind was proposed in 2013. Recall the secretive leases, the nondisclosure agreements, the closed technical meetings, the private lease holder meetings, the lack of response to questions, the endless generalizations and most recently propaganda mailings rife with inaccuracies and unsupported information.

How then could Apex ever be a reliable partner in a huge undertaking such as Lighthouse Wind? The answer is, they could not! Couple this with the facts that the power to be generated is not needed and the location is highly problematic. All activities related to Project Lighthouse Wind should therefore be suspended and the project should be terminated!

James C. Hoffman

Town of Somerset