United effort needed in war against Covid

Posted 27 April 2021 at 9:03 am


Consider this: when the US has gone to war in the past, it made people go and fight and kill whether they wanted to or not. It was to protect the people of the country, all the people.

Some volunteered, being true patriots. Now we have people refusing to fight against a viral enemy that seeks to injure and kill us. They refuse to do their duty, refuse to care about their fellow Americans and squawk about temporarily being asked to live under wartime conditions.

Imagine this: you are in a defensive position in  foxholes with you fellow soldiers. How would you feel if several soldiers decided to not load their weapons because they didn’t think the enemy was coming? Would those people be caring about their country and you? Would you tolerate it?

What if the enemy was attacking and killing men by the hundreds because some of your fellow soldiers did not have loaded weapons? One of the things to remember in this land of freedom is quite simple: Your rights stop where mine begin. If your “rights” endanger me, you are violating MY rights.

Gregory T. Schmitt