Unions will need to prove worth to membership after Supreme Court ruling

Posted 27 June 2018 at 6:19 pm


Danny Donohue released a statement that it is outrageous the Supreme Court caved to greedy corporate CEO and the wealthy on the Janus decision. He no longer can force public employees  to join his union.

Mr. Donohue also is eligible for three pensions totaling over $130,000. Much of this pension was funded from this forced membership. Talk about greedy and wealth. You will now have the freedom to join the union. If the cause is worthy his membership will not be impacted.

Why blame greedy corporate CEOs and wealthy when all the court did was give everyone the freedom of choice? Gov. Cuomo as he typically states that protection is stripped away. He would much rather eliminate your freedom of choice and force you to join something against your will. If the union supports their members, this decision will have no impact on them.

Edward Urbanik