Union wants more resources for shelter dog program at women’s prison after inmate bitten on hand

Staff Reports Posted 25 October 2017 at 5:25 pm

Press Release, New York State Corrections Officers Benevolent Association

ALBION – A breed of pit bull terrier attacked another dog and a female inmate at the Albion Correctional Facility on Tuesday, leaving the inmate with a laceration to her hand and a correction officer exposed to blood.

The prison just initiated a new canine program to help shelter dogs with poor socialization skills. Inmates chosen for the program are responsible for helping the dogs with socialization skills so they can eventually be adopted.

Yesterday, the pit bull terrier was dropped off at the facility bringing the number of dogs in the program to two at this time.  The dogs were kept within a snow fence to keep them contained within the facility.

While both dogs were outside in the contained area, the pit bull terrier attacked the other dog. An inmate, who was outside with the dogs, tried to separate them. The pit bull turned on the inmate and bit her hand. Security staff responded to the scene and were able to contain both dogs and get them in crates.

The injured inmate was transferred to an outside hospital where she received six stitches to her hand.  The officer who was exposed to blood when he assisted the injured inmate was treated at the facility infirmary and stayed on duty.

Both dogs were removed from the facility and returned to the shelter.

“My immediate concern is that this program does not have the necessary resources and training to be effective and safe for our staff and inmates,” said Joe Miano, Western Region Vice President for NYSCOBA. “These are dogs are unfortunately aggressive and with poor socialization, which makes them very dangerous for inmates and staff who are not trained to handle canines. It is not prudent to introduce a new program without the proper planning and resources to be efficient and safe for everyone involved. It is my sincere hope that the administration at Albion takes these concerns seriously before someone else gets hurt.”

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