Union says 3 officers injured during attack at Orleans Correctional Facility

Staff Reports Posted 17 April 2017 at 9:42 pm

ALBION – Three officers were injured on Saturday after an inmate head-butted an officer and injured two other officers who were trying to restrain him, said the New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association, Inc.

The incidents were in the visitors’ room at Orleans Correctional Facility, a medium security men’s prison on Gaines Basin Road.

On Saturday at approximately 2:30 p.m. an inmate, Adrian Phoenix, got into an argument with his female visitor in the visitors’ room. The argument escalated and became physical. Witnessed by two officers, the female visitor initially put her hands over Phoenix’s mouth. He responded by pushing her back in her chest. The two continued to argue in the room, which was filled with other inmates and visitors.

The two officers assigned to the room escorted Phoenix out and brought him into a frisk area. Phoenix continued to be disruptive and agitated. He turned suddenly and head-butted one of the officers in the face, the union said.

Additional staff entered the area and used body holds on the inmate to gain control of him. He continued to struggle with the officers.  Restraints were applied but the inmate continued to struggle and refused orders to calm down. Eventually, after being ordered again to calm down, the inmate complied.

Phoenix, 27, was placed in a special housing unit. He faces disciplinary charges in the attack, NYSCOPBA said in a news release.

He is serving a six-year sentence after being convicted in Onondaga County in 2011 for criminal sexual act in the 2nd degree.

The officer who was head-butted was transported by ambulance to Strong West in Brockport and treated for a concussion, swelling over his left eye, left knee abrasion, nose bleed and nausea.  He was treated and released.

A second officer sustained left knee and lower back pain and was also transported to Strong West for treatment. Both officers have not returned to duty.

A third officer sustained a small laceration to his hand and minor abrasions to his arm. He stayed on duty.

“The visitors’ rooms in our correctional facilities continue to be problematic,” said Joe Miano, vice president of the Western Region for NYSCOPBA.

Two visitors were arrested on April  2 trying to smuggle in drugs to inmates at the Livingston Correctional Facility. The presence of K9 dogs thwarted both attempts by the visitors to pass the drugs on to the inmates, Miano said.

He then referenced the Saturday argument at the Orleans Correctional Facility that escalated, resulting in the assault of one officer and injuries to two others who attempted to gain control of the unruly inmate.

“Once again, this brings to light the need for the administration to make changes and hold inmates accountable when they attack officers, as well as stop the influx of contraband making its way into facilities,” Miano said.

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