Union for COs pleased website, listing pistol permit holders, has been deactivated

Posted 21 January 2015 at 12:00 am

Press Release, NYSCOBA

ALBANY – The New York State Corrections Officers Benevolent Association is pleased to announce that the website, paladium.net, has been deactivated.

This case made headlines just last week. The lawsuit, which was filed earlier month, alleged that a website hosted by Host Europe GmBH and maintained by Alan Munn of New York and Germany published the names and addresses of New York State pistol permit holders in violation of the New York State Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (NY SAFE) Act.

The case sought the removal of the website, paladium.net. The site, more specifically the section entitled “New York State Pistol Permit 2010 Database” listed the names and address of pistol permit holders. The suit cited that the publication of such details constituted an unwarranted invasion of privacy, and seemingly targeted corrections officers, by stating “many male C.O.’s, security officers employed by security businesses, former police officers and parole officers seem to have a permit.”

The attorney for the case, Lawrence H. Schaefer, of Sheehan Greene Golderman and Jacques, was notified on Tuesday morning by counsel for Host Europe GmBH that site has been deactivated on the server. The webpage paladium.net should not be available on the Internet any more. Host Europe GmBH will monitor the account for the coming weeks to see if Mr. Munn attempts to bypass their measures.

“We are very pleased with the quick resolution and would like to thank Host Europe GmbH for their responsiveness and cooperation in this matter,” Schaefer said.

NYSCOPBA is still proceeding in its suit against Alan Munn.

“We are extremely pleased that this website has been deactivated,” stated Michael Powers, NYSCOPBA president. “It served no worthwhile purpose and in fact it caused a serious concern for the safety of our members. Our members are dedicated to keeping all New Yorkers safe and they should be afforded the same courtesy.”