U.S. Military heeds call to help Americans respond to coronavirus

Posted 27 March 2020 at 8:54 pm


I was scanning these letters and saw my name thrown in at the end of one. In Bob Harker’s letter, there was not much there to comment other than Bush trained people on pandemics, Obama trained Trump’s and Trump fired his.

But I have been thinking about a couple of things so he spurred me to write anyway.

First, the United States Military is the best in the world! Period! In difficult times like this no state can hold a candle to its ability to organize, purchase, transport, design, build, put up its MASH units, and EXECUTE. Take that for what you will but if it’s wartime, keeping them sidelined three-plus months into this (and well after our intercepts showed how bad it was in China and what was coming) does not seem consistent or wise.

Second, as far as the bailout being negotiated no one caused it and no one is to blame. I do, personally, cringe when I hear “cruise lines” mentioned. They are all foreign companies for tax reasons. I also wonder a bit about all the companies that spent their tax cuts buying back their own stock to drive up the price.

But what I really think about is Sen. Mitch Mitchell’s TARP which I saw firsthand. The banks got the money, executives got raises, workers got laid off, and the housing bailout was stacked (!) so the banks not only kept the money but also ended up nationwide with the majority of the houses.

That theology will hurt our county again and I bet 98 percent of the average people, myself included, who live here.

So that’s all except maybe to add that Dr. Fauci is currently my hero! I wish he and the Military would run the show. We need square shooters everyone trusts. Only a fool plays politics with life and death.

Conrad F. Cropsey