’Twas the Nightmare before Christmas

Posted 24 December 2020 at 9:03 am


This is in response to Tom Valley.

’Twas the Nightmare before Christmas, The Dems still occupied the House.

The A – – es sent a Covid bill to Santa, with nary a crumb for a mouse.

With Pelosi in dementia and McConnell back in swamp

In believing Beijing Joe, soon will be infiltrating the White House.

The lunatics for the new cabinet were gathered, oh what fun,

With the color of their skin being qualification number one.

In ignoring the facts, that the election was stolen

States violated their own law, in this corruption promotion.

Name calling and lies, It does really work,

Ask Schumer, Pelosi, BLM and the Woke.

Trump supporters are a movement that the Dems can not break.

That’s why they lie, cheat, and steal, and their Medias fake.

Our country has suffered, but not everyone got sick,

Blue state Governors thought “Ahh this will do the trick”

We will lock down the Public, to end the middle class,

Look how far we can push these serfs, what a gas.

Wear your mask and stay home, we demand, we order,

While we sit high upon our throne, in our “Kingdoms of Grandeur.”

What we do our own selves, do not ponder,

Ending your ability to have a livelihood is all that matters.

When all of a sudden there came such a clatter,

Santa Trump and eight mighty gas burning engines,

Down the chimney he came, smooth as silk,

With a big lump of coal for Tom Valley, his kind, his ilk.

The lies from the Valley of pardons you see

Come as is there were no other President than came before he.

They all have done this for friends can’t you see,

No, I think not. There is too much hate way down low in the Valley.

Separating Illegal children from parents was originated by Obama.

He built the cages to take them from their Mamma.

Beijing Joe, the “Big Guy” when not getting his cut,

Was out praising China and punching America in the gut.

Beijing Joe, the sniffer, the groper, the racist. He hid in his basement,

While Kamala laughed at everything the left said that was baseless.

You wonder what kind of drugs swirl in her head,

These two coming to power, the world seriously should dread.

Yes, ’Twas the night before Christmas and the Grinch yes he chose,

To defile a great poem to take a political pose.

Not from high up on the mountain looking down,

But way down low in the Valley, in the sty and the swarm.

The election was stolen, those with eyes open agree.

It’s not over yet, there is still January.

On the floor of the Senate, In the House they should debate,

How crooked are the Democrats and seal their fate.

How this all will turn out I truly do not know,

But Beijing Biden will bring ruin, to a country, soon you will not know.

If you think things are bad now, they are about to get worse,

The country you knew as America, will be put into a hearse.

It’s funny how one can see the country sitting way up high.

And get an opinion from low down in the Valley, stock full of lies.

Why is it such a man, who has been so blessed, be so unhappy with his own country,

Can feel guilty for his own skin color, be full of hate and side with those who invade us.

Christmas soon is over, the leftists they have got,

Tons of carbon emitting coal, the production of Xi’s best.

The corrupt Biden Crime family, will do China’s bidding.

The fix was in, and now the Eagle is weeping.

On Buick and Cadillac and Dodge and Plymouth,

On Studebaker and Packard and Chrysler and Lincoln,

Emit Away, Emit Away, Emit away all!

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas.

Paul Lauricella