Turbines would draw interest in community, showing Yates area to be progressive

Posted 14 August 2016 at 8:00 am


As a long time environmentalist (we were called conservationists way back then), I’ve always backed wind and solar projects. I built my own solar hot water heater about 40 years ago.

I have one point that may encourage a lakeshore cottage owner to come out in favor of the Apex proposal. I believe they are the core of the opposition. At least the signs on the north side of the lake road are mostly “Too big, too close.”

They are rightly concerned their cottage values will drop. I believe the opposite will happen. My thoughts are on the order of the politician’s view that all publicity is good publicity.

These turbines will attract attention, likely a great deal. But this could be a good thing. After all, in this country few things are ever too big or too tall. Generally speaking, ANYTHING rated in superlatives is GOOD. Wouldn’t the sight of these turbines tell people this is a part of WNY that is progressive, and forward thinking and acting?

I believe the turbines will attract far more people than they will repel. I am a 20-year resident of Lyndonville.

Dennis Seekins