Turbines are great opportunity for Orleans, Niagara counties

Posted 9 August 2016 at 5:25 pm


I recently read a comment about the proposed Lighthouse wind project where a person said, “Lake lives matter.”

But it’s not just the people who live in massive lakefront homes or the people who have vacation homes there that we need to think about. We need to think about everyone.

What about the lives of everyone who call Niagara and Orleans counties home? The wind turbine project will bring in millions of dollars that can help our schools, towns and counties.

What about the lives of the farmers who keep this community alive? Stability from leasing land to the wind farms would be vital to keeping those farms operating.

And what about the people who need the jobs that will be created with these projects? Finally, what about the lives of our children and grandchildren, who will be devastated by climate change if we don’t take action now?

These projects won’t hurt anyone in our community; they’ll help everyone. This is an incredible opportunity for our area and could bring growth we haven’t seen in years, economic viability as well as hope for the future.


Susan Campbell