Turbine proponents need to consider impact on environment, farmland of siting such tall structures

Posted 26 December 2018 at 8:06 am


When Mr. Hyde addresses the question raised in my letter, perhaps his response to it will warrant further comment.

The question, essentially, is what price we are willing to pay for what he may think of as “progress”. And the issue is not nearly as complicated as some would have us believe.

Has Mr. Hyde witnessed the warblers in migration? Does he have long term trend data on our resident and seasonal bird populations?

It may be that his research is theoretical and technical in the extreme and inhibits his ability to reach conclusions about real places that are not found in reams of data. Has he mentioned the typical setbacks for what would possibly be perhaps the tallest wind turbines in the nation?

Has he looked at our road layouts and where woodlots typically are located? Does he realize, or care, where the turbines would have to be located as a result? Has he any calculations about the amount of farmland, wetland and woodland habitat that would be lost in the name of renewable energy generated by wind turbines more than three times as high as the Presbyterian church steeple in Albion?

As I noted in my earlier letter, he has valid points. Would it be asking too much to have equally serious environmental issues considered?

Sincerely yours,

Gary Kent