Turbine opponents have smeared reputations of many long-time residents, public officials

Posted 18 October 2015 at 12:00 am


I am a resident of the Village of Lyndonville and the Town of Yates. During this election season, I have listened to different opinions on issues related to our town and village, mainly the issue of wind energy.

In my opinion, there is a small group of “part-time” residents that feel their opinion is more important than the full-time residents. They have smeared the good names of more than a few life-long Yates residents and some proven officials who have earned the community’s trust, year after year.

This group has called for resignations and posted personal financial situations of some of these full-time, life-long residents. This group has even backed residents with only a post office box as proof of residency. The voters of Yates and Lyndonville should know that their ballot is full of “part-time residents.”

They claim to know what is best for the full-time community. I urge the voters of Yates to do their research of the candidates and especially the permanent residence of who is running for town and village positions.

Ask them, “If they are interested in anything this town has to offer once the windmill issue is old news?”


Patrick McKenna
“Full-time” Yates resident