Trump’s handling of classified documents no where close to Biden’s situation

Posted 14 June 2023 at 10:08 am


Many people have said that Biden and Pence are as guilty as Trump for keeping classified US government documents in their homes.

In Biden’s case, he took 6 pages of classified information by mistake and returned the pages immediately. Pence had a number of documents that he also returned quickly.

When Trump left the White House he took 15 boxes of documents, 197 classified as Secret and Top Secret – all in violation of the law and National Archives strict regulations.

The legal charges against Trump say that (1) he and his assistant sought to hide and keep some of the documents, (2)  that he conspired to obstruct an investigation and schemed to conceal the truth from the government and his own lawyer, (3) that he suggested to his lawyer that he hide or destroy the Secret and Top Secret documents requested by the Justice Department and (4) that he hide the documents illegally from the FBI.

All of the charges have been summarized as obstruction of justice. The key is not having them, it is unlawfully hiding them from authorities.

Perhaps at his trial we will learn why he kept them. Mr. Cropsey in his thoughtful Letter to the Editor on June 12, discusses this topic in some detail.

Up to this point all of Trump’s legal life has centered on civil cases. He has been involved in over 3,500 legal cases: some he won, some he lost. When he lost he wrote a check and walked away.

Criminal cases are different. He has three more potential criminal cases to worry about: (1) the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, (2) the City of New York indictment for falsifying business records, and the (3) Atlanta, Georgia investigation into his possible interferences in the 2020 Presidential election count in Georgia.

If found guilty in any of these cases, he will not walk away.

Jack Capurso, Albion High School 1960

Ashburn, Va.