Trump’s decision to abandon Kurds in Syria is horrifying

Posted 10 October 2019 at 4:07 pm


It’s been Turkey’s goal to kill the 2 million Kurds who live in Syria just as they have the ones who used to live in Turkey. These Kurds, our steadfast allies, will die because in the middle of the night – and with no consultation –  the President tweeted a new policy turning the Mideast over to Turkey.

Commentators say that Russia and Iran will become the dominant powers there.

After I got over the horror of the scale of death one tweet can cause, I realized that I never dreamt that the United States would ever be the enemy of the free world. It was simply something I could never imagine.

But here we are. Spin it however you have to in order to live with the guilt but in real life everything bad is turning out to be true.


Conrad F. Cropsey