Trump supporters somehow rationalize president’s behavior

Posted 12 August 2018 at 5:36 pm


I’d like to respond to Kellie Gregoire (August 6) who is running for a committee position in the Murray Republican Party. While I applaud anyone for getting politically involved, I cannot allow her glowing comments about “president“ Trump to go unchallenged. Ms. Gregoire states she has been “very inspired” by Trump, then goes on to quote something his speech writer wrote.

This man is no positive example to the youth of America. His constant lying, bullying, and selfishness are not behaviors I want my children to emulate. The man is a breaker of God’s Commandments. He golfs while young crying children are locked in cages at his command. He trashes our environment so his corporate donors can reap vast profits. He pays lip-service to the value of American products while Chinese slave labor make his MAGA hats. He considers a free press to be our enemy. He has been caught in lie after lie. No wonder he hates those who report facts. There isn’t enough space here to catalog all that is wrong with Trump.

Decent, Godly citizens will not stand by while the evangelical crowd tries to normalize the behaviors of this hateful, deceitful man. My God didn’t choose Trump to be president, Vladimir Putin did. We will all breathe a sigh of relief when this treasonous nightmare is over. Do me a favor; don’t lecture me about how sinners shouldn’t throw stones. Your man Trump does it all the time.

Al Capurso