Trump supporter denounces president for role in Capitol riot

Posted 8 January 2021 at 7:42 pm


Mr. President, I rallied for you. I voted for you twice. I have supported you through thick and thin. I have been an outspoken advocate of yours. You have been, by far, the best possible leader in these troubled times in spite of the unrelenting political opposition and media bashing.

Until now. Your many amazing accomplishments are now being overshadowed – and I believe rightly so. Please sit down and be quiet.

I do not place all the blame of the tragic event in Washington this past week at your feet. I do though hold you to account for your lack of action before, during, and post rioting. There is no excuse. You let our country down.

Was there fraud in the election? Yes. Was it so widespread that it changed the results? Who knows. I doubt if we ever will. That does not give you the right to let criminals invade our nation’s capital by NOT being absolutely clear that ANY violence or illegal act will not be tolerated. Honestly, Mr. President, you have done direct damage to our nation. Five dead. Numerous injuries. An historic invasion of our nation’s capital. I believe you could have prevented all of this.

Election reform is certainly needed, but that is a matter for another time.

The banter about impeachment with less than two weeks left in your administration is just that: political banter. I ask you again, no I PLEAD with you to sit down and be quiet. It was my hope that you would run again. This one week has made me question that hope.

Now that the left has control of all three branches their upcoming failures will undoubtedly be blamed on you every time. And you have given them even more ammo – especially when given the left’s propensity to exchange factual historic events for whatever negative view of America they wish to convey for that day. They will make sure yours is the face of January 6, 2021.

Let us, the people, deal with election reform. I thank you for your 3.99 years of an outstanding presidency. Now please sit down and be quiet.

And to those on the left, your calls for “working together” and “respect” fall on deaf ears. Your corrupt, disrespectful, false, and downright dangerous statements were for four years the only thing that we heard from you.

You accomplished nothing but delaying aid to the American people on three different occasions to further Nancy’s political fight with the right. Enjoy your temporary reign. I have absolutely no doubt that the extreme radical left will impose their will on more centrist Democrats resulting in a failing economy. Taxes and unemployment will rise. Inflation will follow. The asinine “Green New Deal” actually has a foothold now.

I’m certain this will precipitate Republicans making great gains in the elections 2 and 4 years from now.

In the meantime Mr. President, please sit down and be quiet.

Bob Harker