Trump should be free to question whether election was fair, as his predecessors did

Posted 28 August 2023 at 9:32 pm


A previous contributor to this column spoke recently saying “…as an American, I am free to condemn his (former President Trump’s) behavior based on his own public speeches, writings and actions.” Of course the contributor is absolutely right, he is free to do so. However, President Trump’s efforts as a free American, to challenge what he believes were  blatant violations of a free 2020 election have been denied repeatedly.

After the 2020 “election” scores of voter poll workers and inspectors, everyday American citizens, came forward to speak under oath in front of their state legislative committees of gross procedural irregularities experienced first hand.

They did so at risk to their families, jobs and reputations. The majority of these citizens came from cities like Detroit and Atlanta – democrat strongholds. Mathematicians and researchers who crunched the “election” data and statistics testified the numbers didn’t add up, going drastically contrary to any past election statistics. Are you aware of any of these citizens’ testimonies? Have you read any articles that compare 2020 statistics with past election statistics?

Since 2020, questions raised regarding voter poll practices, illegal ballot harvesting and new election procedures passed  frantically by state legislatures have been abruptly quashed. Despite the point that these practices have been previously deemed unsavory by both sides of the aisle, the current democrat response is to scream, “BIG LIE!” Half of Americans, including a rapidly growing number of registered democrats are seeing this for what it is. Democrats have no honest way of proving election tampering did not take place.

Abrupt suppression, mocking and vilification of individuals who dare to speak otherwise is what the guilty do when they have no viable defense for their own actions. Such tactics are commonly developed on the grade school playground and perfected in the middle school lunch room.

As much as the American people deserve to hear evidence from both sides in order to intelligently decide for themselves, they won’t get it, for they have been informed very unceremoniously by the left, that they are not intelligent enough to do so.

Until Trump is allowed to challenge the 2020 results without retribution, as did his predecessors Al Gore (2000) and Hillary Clinton (2016) there will be no presentation of facts provided for you, ever.

We’ve known for more than 6 years that those who have had their delicate sensibilities damaged by Trump’s speeches, writings and actions will not allow themselves to accept the many astounding accomplishments of the Trump presidency. Are they giving serious consideration to the warnings of constitutional scholars Jonathan Turley and Alan Dershowitz?

What of the testimonies of the many poll workers who dared step forward after November 2020? Anti-Trumpers who demand “facts” fail to realize it’s hard to hear them while screaming, “BIG LIE” at the same time. Facts are not truly wanted by them. In time, the results will be catastrophic to our American way of life.


Claudia & Gary Deiboldt