Trump, Republicans have shown they work for the best of country

Posted 1 November 2018 at 8:27 am


I write in response to Mr. Cropsey’s letter of Oct. 30 point by point.

Point 1.) You state that Republicans don’t want to hear from anyone that does not tow the line. I’ve read no reports of Trump supporters shouting during a moment of silence for the Pittsburgh victims. I’ve heard nothing about Republicans chasing Democrats from restaurants, gas stations, malls, or committing outrageous acts outside of Democrats’ homes, Nor have seen any Republican call for the above actions like liberal Democrats have done.

Point 2.) you assert that a president lying should be grounds for disqualification. I respectfully give you Obama and Clinton.

Point 3.) Republicans have and continue to support legal immigration. Mr. Cropsey, do you support allowing many thousands of people from parts unknown with no background checks as the current 3 “caravans” are attempting to do? The latest totals surpass 10,000. And looking at news reports on all channels I see many more adult males than mothers and children. Why did they deny the asylum offered by Mexico?

Point 4.) “The middle class here and everywhere is dwindling due to the depression in real wages and increased property taxes.” Look at the true facts. Wages are up, the economy is expanding, and the increasing property taxes are the result of Albany’s unfunded mandates. Granted, including Pataki.

Point 5.) You assert that the current Administration does not support law enforcement and that law enforcement is currently under attack. Only the last half of that statement is true. Law enforcement is, unfortunately, under violent attacks. I find your conclusion that it has been a result of the current administration’s demonstrated support of all first responders ludicrous. I submit to you that Obama, Holder, Lynch, and the liberals coveting minority votes escalated this trend. I would add that insofar as respect of laws witness Hillary’s documented criminal acts (home server, destroying evidence after that evidence was subpoenaed by congress) Bill’s meeting with Lynch further show which side believes in the rule of law.

Point 6.) Hostages returned, military remains returned, ISIS and other terrorist groups essentially unheard from in the last year. New trade relations with our partners. (And yes China will soon come to the table.) Do you not consider these huge strides in foreign relations?

Point 7.) We agree. I have and will always protect my wife and family. Your new party’s aim is to hinder our ability to do so by eliminating Amendments 2 and 9. What Trump said on the aircraft so many years ago is unacceptable. I’ve said and done unacceptable things “back in the day.” Have you? It does not define us as the men we are today.

With respect, I ask you to consider these realities between now and Tuesday.

Bob Harker