Trump obstructs House of Representatives, violates oath of office

Posted 31 January 2020 at 7:33 am


What follows are a few observations about the impeachment of the man who has called himself the “Chosen One” as well as some related thoughts that his impeachment has elicited.

First, the frequently expressed idea that the way our President acts is acceptable because “All politicians are alike” is—at least to me—ridiculous. We must do what is necessary to differentiate the better ones from those who are less equal to the task. If it is a lot of work, that is the price that we must pay for the privilege of living in the republic envisioned by our Nation’s Founders.

Secondly, the notion that President Trump has done nothing wrong is absurd just as conservative attorney George Conway told Jake Tapper on CNN recently. Anyone remotely familiar with the Constitution knows that—among other things—Trump has violated his oath of office repeatedly.

For example, did he forget that he is sworn to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States? Did he forget that he promised to take care that the laws be faithfully executed? Laws appropriating money for the defense of Ukraine (which must begin in the House of Representatives) are laws that must be faithfully executed just as any other law. This is not to mention attempting to use taxpayer money to bribe a foreign leader.

Since when does a President get to defy subpoenas, order members of his administration not to cooperate with legitimate functions of the House of Representatives, and otherwise obstruct its will? President Trump is no more above the law than Nixon and Clinton were.

But what else is new? Before becoming President, he used his lawyers and money to avoid paying legitimate bills. For example, contractors who worked on the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City still are owed. He has yet to make public his tax returns, as was customary for his recent predecessors.

Why is this President so determined not to allow witnesses at his Senate trial?

And why did Russia inject itself into the 2016 election (per the Mueller report)? Why did Vladimir Putin use his disinformation skills to discredit Trump’s opponent? Who benefits from the nonsense that has gone on in the area of foreign policy alone over the past three years?

We may not be around to see it, but this country will pay dearly for this President’s actions, conviction, or no.

For the record, I am still not sure impeachment was a good idea, though it certainly was justified.

Frankly, I would welcome the opportunity to have a choice to vote for a republican such as Bill Weld or Mark Sanford in November, even though that may sound like heresy to my democratic friends.

Sincerely yours

Gary F. Kent