Trump is unfairly targeted in impeachment, while Democrats look past Biden’s failings

Posted 19 December 2019 at 9:20 am


It is so predictable.

The majority of liberal opinions published in the Letters to the Editor here on The Hub are written by two people – Mr. Conrad Cropsey of Albion and Mr. William Fine of Brockport. Though often tempted to respond to these two gentleman, I generally do not. Their two latest letters, though, should be challenged.

Mr. Cropsey, with his legal background, should be able to cite particular laws that have been broken by President Trump. I’ve yet to see any in his letters, or anywhere else for that matter. Innuendo, “feelings”, and accusations abound. Not factual evidence.

Abuse of power? Where? Why is it that Donald Trump is the only president in our history to be singled out for a conversation with a foreign leader? The left’s claim of abuse of presidential power is refuted by the actual players involved – including Ukraine!

How is it that former Vice President Biden gets a pass for actually doing what the left accuses Trump of? Even Zelensky claims there was no pressure placed upon him. Is Mr. Cropsey aware that military aid to Ukraine was actually delivered ahead of schedule? Does he acknowledge that former President Obama refused to provide any military aid at all, opting instead for only humanitarian aid? Add to that the fact that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “reset buddy” Putin has stated that this is a purely political move on the part of the democrats.

Obstruction of Congress? Where? Mr. Cropsey was silent when President Clinton claimed executive privilege 14 times and Obama 9. Where was Mr. Cropsey’s indignation then?

Does Mr. Cropsey not acknowledge that this baseless impeachment attempt actually started on November 9, 2016, the day after election day? There were murmurs of impeachment before our duly elected president even took office.

This is simply the left’s feeble attempt to negate the voters’ voice from 2016 and influence the 2020 election. The very thing they have the audacity to accuse Trump of. Why is it that so many protocols were ignored in the House hearings to clearly support impeachment and silence our Republican representatives? The Democrats have failed to present a viable presidential candidate and they know it.

As to Mr. Fine, his latest letter asserts that people in this country illegally should be able to obtain driver’s licenses in New York State. Even he admits that these are not recognized federally. Does he advocate states picking and choosing which federal laws they will follow and which they will ignore? Mr. Fine claims great knowledge on the requirements for obtaining a license by people here illegally. Why is it that some county DMV offices are issuing no learner’s permits because they are not clear on all the legalities and  implications?

I fully expect negative replies to this letter. I would ask the writers to maintain civility and stick to facts as I have tried to do here.

Bob Harker