Trump gives parting gifts to U.S. adversaries

Posted 4 December 2020 at 9:45 pm


Ed Urbanik wrote there will be fewer letters from people with “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” I was surprised he may be writing less as I thought it would take time for normalcy, consistent and considered policy, and good will in politics to bounce back. But November was big! Bigger than I thought.

First, Trump’s Courts 37 times reaffirmed what the 2017 Trump Voter Fraud Commission found – our election officials run clean elections.

Also people were certainly upset that he made yet another concession to his pal Putin when he pulled out of the decades old, Open Skies Treaty. It permitted us to monitor Russian military and nuclear activities from the sky. To deal with the fact he, Donald, did it without required Congressional approval, he simply ordered the destruction of all the West’s (our) specially outfitted spy planes.

Then when all of us are hurting still, his Treasury Department tied up .5 trillion in stimulus money. It was earmarked by law until 2016 to let the Fed prop the economy up – money the Fed says it needs immediately.

And I suspect he gave Putin another gift  when he closed down the Agency in charge of hunting down terrorists. It was specifically tasked to root out and eliminate ISIS.

And, it would make me mad if I contributed, to find out that no gift less than $8,000 goes into his bogus “recount fund.” About $200 million is going to the RNC and to a Trump “leadership” PAC.

Today, China got its gift with a pull out of Somalia.

And more to come.

In sum it will take time with some but the contrast of not being dragged down by outlandish, immoral and illegal antics will prevail just as the Jerry Springer show gets boring.

Now, as we put things back together “better,” we need to plan how to make the Republic  better yet to face the next two centuries of work. As Jefferson said the pursuit of happiness is never perfect but it never stops either.

Forward not back; the US goes forward, detours notwithstanding.

Conrad F. Cropsey