Trump brings focus on solving problems without playing politics

Posted 24 October 2020 at 10:02 am


I have great respect for Judge Punch and my friends who believe Biden is the best choice for President but I cannot disagree more.

A scandal seems to be brewing over the Hunter Biden laptop and Joe at times has a memory problem. So are we voting for Biden (moderate?) or Harris (ultra liberal) for President?

The judge states that the President has many faults and made bad decisions but cites no examples of those claims. The President is not a politician. He can be abrupt and rude but he wants results not a bunch of phony words and no results.

I know where Trump stands but not where Biden stands on many issues because he changes depending on the audience. The judge does not look at the last four years and the accomplishments this President has had. He did this while fighting the Washington establishment that concocted a phony charge of conspiracy with Russia.

The corruption involved the last administration, the Justice Department, the Democrat Congress, the intelligence agencies and the news media. Three years and millions of dollars and they found no collusion. (Based on FOI documents obtained by Judicial Watch, the Mueller report, not cable news.)

You could call it an attempted coup. Meanwhile the President continued to move the country forward. Make America Great Again has been his promise and rallying cry.

I’m not blind to his faults but I am tired of voting for well spoken politicians who make promises they have no intention of keeping. Trump is the first President in my lifetime that actually does what he says he will do. I agree with his vision for America, not the vision of the Democrat platform which Biden has signed onto.

I will make a list of a few differences between the President and the Biden agenda. The President believes in the Constitution, he believes in law and order, he believes in a strong economy. Some of his accomplishments are nominating good judges, improving trade deals, empowering the black community with school choice, financial support for black colleges, creating opportunity zones, low unemployment for all groups and genders.

He has confronted China, Iran and North Korea, he has strengthened the military, unified countries in the Middle East, improved the VA for vets, attacked the Covid virus and built a wall slowing illegals by 80% and he has cut burdensome regulations and lowered taxes. His agenda going forward is to live in peace, improve all lives and grow the country economy.

After 47 years of government service, Joe Biden put Bernie Sanders (socialist) and AOC (socialist) in charge of the Biden plan for our country (read manifesto that was on Biden’s website). The green new deal, defund the police, no prisons or jails, no border wall, all illegals that come to US can have free healthcare, no school choice, no fracking, pack the Supreme Court, add two States so they control both houses of Congress, raise taxes, little to say about protests that have caused lives, assaults and arson to the tune of two billion dollars, ready to lockdown the country over the virus are policies not good for this country. I should also mention a movement by the left to socialism and Marxism which would end the US as we know it. His campaign was run basically from his cellar. Come on man.

Is Trump the perfect man? No, but my choice is based on their policies not personalities.

This is not a game of football i.e. Buffalo against New England. This is not really the GOP vs Dems. This a serious election that does not have a start over. Biden believes the American idea is over (his commercial) and the President does not.

The president thinks the next four years will be the best yet. I agree.

Ray Watt

Town of Yates